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Send us your want list and be sure to include position required or no preference.
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Our Specialties
We take pride in the wide selection of quality stamps and specialty items we offer for sale.  All items will be shipped within 48 hours of receiving payment.  

Currently we are set-up for PayPal and cheques.

Send us want list and be sure to include position desired or preference.

Mint NH and  VF used are available.
​Send want list and indicate hinged or NH for mint and F-VF or VF for used.

Mint NH and VF used are available.
We have over 10,000 individually priced Canadian perfins and covers for sale from Small Queens to date.  Including some special items like perf/imperf pairs, double punches and some Mint.

We have a large variety of back of the book perfins including airmail, war tax, special delivery, postage due, excise tax, other revenues and precancels.
Send us your detailed want list using the 4th edition BNAPS number and include position and any required die or face combinations.
Our worldwide perfin stock consists of over 125 different current and former countries and territories.  

Germany, GB & USA patterns are also available by perfin position.

Send us your detailed want list including country, pattern, position and different die/face combinations.
We have a fairly extensive range of Canadian and Provincial revenues.

Specialties include private perfins and precancels.

Mint NH and VF used are available.
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